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You play as Olivia Esparza, a former NOPD detective who retired due to mental health issues and is kidnaped into new violent and weird situation. Now she has to find a way out and figure out who or what is following her.

Satisfaction Report link here  if you have 10 minutes to fill it out it would greatly help us in making the best game possible. 

Teaser trailer for Alpha here

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorUntitled Game Studio
GenrePlatformer, Action, Shooter
Tags2D, Horror, Pixel Art, Runner, Spooky


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I love the atmosphere in this game! It also looks like it has an interesting story! Can't wait to learn more about the Freak in the Red Vest!

One thing you should work on is how Olivia interacts with items. Take this table, for example:

She automatically interacts with it when she touches it, but when I finish the dialog then turn around, she repeats the dialogue. I think it would be better if you could press a button to interact with these object, such as Right-click. It's not a problem with the letters since you pick them up and they disappear, but I could see them get annoying with permanent objects like that table that don't disappear.

Look forward to playing the next version of this game! Keep it up!


Thank you so much for the comment! We are working on this problem with a new (not automatic) interract system so the person has more freedom to interract when wanted and also invites less bugs. 

We are very happy that you enjoyed it and we hope you enjoy the beta and full game even more. 

- UGS team


Just played it! First of all, I want to congratulate the developers for all the work done in here! The mood and the sound design is amazing, which is key for a horror game! The music is awesome! The pixel art is great and really goes with the mood of the game. Love the corpses and the lighting in here. The flashlight dynamic is awesome, the "chase" scene was really fun and shows lots of potential for future levels. The "story" caught my attention, and I'm curious to know more of this universe. It's unsettling in a good way, some original Resident Evil vibes.
I have some suggestions though. I found it hard to shoot and run at the same time, I don't know if the shooting has some delay or if it's part of the game, it gives me panic (which is good), but it would be nice to see it refined by increasing the shooting speed or something. A "crouch" option would bring different dynamics to the game and would also be interesting for future levels. The hitbox of the character could be smaller or refined when near objects and platforms. The jump could be quicker or smaller, it's exaggerated. The reading of the notes and even the thoughts of the character should have a trigger button, so it doesn't trigger in the middle of an action scene, and you're obligated to read the same thing twice if you die, which could become annoying. The "you died" screen could have some kind of blood texture, but I also like it as it is.
I think it's this for now! I'm really looking forward for more and I hope the developers keep working on it, I believe it has lots of potential! Would love to see this in mobile btw, it would work well on that platform as well.
Huge props for everyone involved!

Thanks for playing! Glad you have enjoyed. The shoot mechanic is supposed to stop the movement to enable Olivia to fire the gun, giving the player the option to keep running from the Stalker or to shoot and make him stop for a while. The notes we already have a prompt button planned to replace the auto reading/thoughts messages. Also polishing the colliders, jump and all other mechanics is planned, that’s why we released as Alpha, indicating there’s going to be improvements in the next release. With your feedback it’s clear we have to work more on the mechanic to make the gameplay feel better. A crouch option is a great suggestion, might use that in next builds 😉 A mobile version is not planed for now, we want to release it first on pc and second, depending on success, consoles. Success in the mobile gaming market usually implies a free game with micro transactions, that goes away of our core beliefs, if a person buys the game, gets the full game with the full experience, that’s why our motto is focus on the game, not monetization systems that break the player’s experience. But, if there is a demand for the game in mobile platforms, it will be in there too, we shall see. Thanks again for playing and the time to give us feedback. Hope to see you again in the next release.

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so good

Thank you very much for the video. It helps us a lot. Don't worry, all bugs you have encountered in this playthrough of the Alpha will be fixed in the next build (Beta version). Hope to see you next release.

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hople look full version


Played it, loved it! Frightening, fun and interesting! Congratulations to the developers!

Thanks for playing! Glad to know you have enjoyed it. Want to help us improve our game? We have a questionnaire about this alpha, link is in the description, all feedback will be used to improve the final release, including yours. Hope to see you next release.